Routine Inspection Visits (RIVs)

Regular Visits
Our Agent will visit the rented property on a regular basis, take pictures and video, so you are continuously aware of the condition of your property.

Detecting violations
During the visits, our Agent will detect any significant damage, unlawful or suspicious use of your property which will be documented and reported to you.


Contact Person
We will communicate with your tenant in 3 different languages. Save your time and stress. We will reduce all the communication in writing (electronically) and in language of your convenience. Your tenant will have the phone number of our agent and we will be the first point of contact for your tenant.

Notice Delivery
We will deliver the notices to your tenant, – reminding the lease payments to be done,
contact or bank data changes, notice to vacate the property or any other information
you may want to deliver to your tenant.

Maintenance and Emergency Management

Regular Maintenance
Regular maintenance of your property will be conducted by our agent to avoid possible emergencies. Switching heating and cooling systems, protecting pipes from freezing, roof and yard cleaning, fence and exterior paint, etc.

Emergency Maintenance
In case of Emergency maintenance request made by the tenant, our Agent will visit the property to identify the needs, take pictures and explain to you exactly what needs to be done, provide you with quotes for the services and ensure the case is solved, if the apartment requires some items to be purchased, agent will provide with quotes and buy it for you. You remain in full control of every action remotely, choice of professionals and any expenses will be done only after your approval.

Hand-over and Fix up

Hand Over
During the Move-in or Move-out, we can prepare the hand-over certificate, list and describe the condition of the items to be transferred, take pictures and videos and communicate it with you, oversee the move-in and move-out.

In between your rentals, we can list the needs for the fit out works and provide several quotes for you to hire repair professionals. We can oversee the work of the hired workers on your behalf.


Annual report
We record all the communication, needs and costs for your rental. At the end of the year, you will have a full picture of what were the needs of your tenant, number of times they needed landlord’s assistance, costs associated with the rent, how much time and money were spent, what was fixed, purchased, etc.

Real property insurance
We can provide several quotes for you to make a decision to insure your real property.

Legal Assistance
We can provide several quotes for you to hire a lawyer if you need to settle your dispute with the former tenant.



Our services cost 4%-5% of the rent amount per month depending on the rent. Fee includes the VAT.
Any additional cost (for handyman, purchase of item, etc.) approved by you can be either transferred
directly to the service provider or can be paid through us.

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Our liability towards our clients is insured in the biggest insurance company in Georgia. If you or your
property suffers any damage because of actions of our employees, you will be reimbursed by the
Insurance company.


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" I am actually a tenant, but this is the best decision my landlord has made for last 3 years I lived in Tbilisi. RentManager agent is quick, reliable and very respectful, speaks English and enters home with disposable plastic shoe covers, amazing. Plus, I no longer have to wait for my landlord "